How to Install a Car Hat Holder

How to Install a Car Hat Holder

If you’re anything like me, you want a hat holder in your car. But you’re not quite sure where to install it.

I remember nostalgically as a child, seeing my dad’s car hat holder, bolted under the downlight in a beat up Mitsubishi. 

Yet most modern cars now have downlights that sit flush within the roof lining of the car. Making this method for mounting very difficult…

Steps for Mounting your Hat Holder  

Note – this solution works best for the car hat holder that I have designed & manufactured. But it possibly can work for other hat hangers, it might require a little bit of fiddling to make it work.

Grab handles are fairly popular in 4WDs & other big cars, making them the perfect place to mount a car hat holder.

Step 1 – Unbolt your Grab Handle

If your car or 4×4 is any late 90s or early 2000 model, there’s a pretty good chance that it has simple bolt on grab handles. 

These make a very handy spot to mount your hat holder. Especially in your rear seats or in your passenger seat. 

Step 2 – Position your Hat Holder

Check that the screw from your grab handle will fit through your hat holder. The hat holder I designed is made to fit most popular models of 4WDs & cars.

Bolt your hat holder underneath the grab handle in your car.

Line up your hat holder with the threaded hole from the grab handle.

Step 3 – Bolt your Grab Handle Down

Bolt your grab handle down, sandwiching the hat holder in between it and the car roof.

Make sure you tighten the screw enough to ensure that the hat hanger won’t move while you’re driving.

Tips for Mounting your Hat Holder  

You can always unclip the spring from your hat hanger to make mounting easier. All you have to do is grab a screw driver & leaver the tensioner off. 

Make sure to use a screw driver to put the tensioner back in place, once you’ve got the hat holder installed.

3 Reasons you need a Car Hat Holder

Honestly I think this is one of the most under appreciated mods you can do to your car or 4WD. I use mine every single trip I go camping or any weekend get away.

Especially in the Australian summer, you cannot be caught dead without a hat.

So let’s jump into 3 reasons you need a car hat holder.

  1. It keeps your car clear and tidy. These car hat holders can actually hold up to 3 or 4 hats, meaning you really can store the entire families hats all in one area.
  2. You always know where your hats are. How often do you lose your hats? I know personally I misplace them or forget where they are. But now I always know that they are safely stored in my car.
  3. You can actually store more than hats in your car hat holder. What I actually do is, I use my big straw hat to act like a basket and hold bits and pieces. Some of things I like to put in there and beanies, spare socks and other bits and bobs that can be extremely useful to have.

This is one of those articles you didn’t know you needed, but you have gotten anyway.

Feel free to check out out car hat holders, they are perfect for storing Akubras and other hats you really care about.

The Story Behind my Hat Holder

I actually wanted a hat holder in my 4WD that’s why I came up with this product.
The hat holder I ordered, had no easy way to mount into my car & it had no instructions on how to do it.

I thought “I can solve both those problems”. 

And here we are…

I hope you enjoy it!