The Ultimate Guide to Litchfield National Park

The Ultimate Guide to Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is only a short hour drive from Darwin. Yet it is still untouched & is truly a great national park to explore and visit unique environments.

Millie (my partner) and I have spent some time getting to know Litchfield and this is what we have learnt.

We want to share with you the ultimate guide to Litchfield National Park.

Now this guide isn’t just about the best places to visit – because everywhere is amazing (plus everyone else has written the same things).

This guide is supposed to educate you on how to travel and explore Litchfield National Park.

Here is a contents of the thing we covered:

Let’s get into it!

When to visit Litchfield National Park

Honestly you’re spoilt for choices for when you should visit Litchfield.

The most popular time is the Dry season, which is winter time in Australia. This means the weather isn’t too hot and it’s extremely liveable in the NT.

However my favourite time is the Wet season, which is summer time in Australia. This means the waterfalls are flowing heavily, the country is extremely green and there are no tourists. However it is extremely hot and humid…

Hiking through the bush land in Litchfield

How to Visit Litchfield National Park

Honestly I think the only way you should visit Litchfield, is with a car. You don’t need a 4WD, a regular 2WD car will get you anywhere in Litchfield.

There are plenty of hire car options out of Darwin, all of which are extremely cost effective. Especially because Litchfield is so close to Darwin, you can get out and do day trips to explore the national park.

Otherwise you can hop on a tour bus and get taken through Litchfield. But this means you’ll be competing with everyone else to see the sights.

Looking out over the plains of Litchfield NP

What to Bring & Wear to Litchfield National Park


I recommend wearing good shoes, which can handle rocky tracks – this means you’ll be set for anything Litchfield throws at you.

Hat & Sunblock:

Please bring a hat and sunblock, even if you’re hiking early in the morning. The sun gets very hot, very quickly and you can find yourself caught in the sun. The sun will kill you in the NT.


Honestly, you can never bring enough water. I would budget at least 0.5 a litre of water, per hour, per adult. But I would feel better with 1 litre of water, per hour, per adult.

This isn’t an exaggeration, walking in the midday heat in the NT will sap the water out of you.


I cannot recommend highly enough bringing a lot of snacks. You will be extremely hungry from all the exercise in the sun. I like to bring something healthy like fruit, and something unhealthy like chips – so I can enjoy a nice snack.

Inflatable Ring:

A lot of people bring pool noodles, to help them float when swimming.

However, these take up space and can be a pain to carry.

I recommend bringing an inflatable ring, because they pack down to nothing and do a great job at helping you stay buoyant.

Luke swimming at Litchfield National Park

How to Maximise your Experience at Litchfield

This is a great question, here are my tips.

  1. Sunrise and sunset are the best times. They are cooler parts of the day and the lighting is amazing.
  2. Take the pass less travelled. You will find secrets and experience that the majority of people never see.
  3. Learn the history of Indigenous and Colonials. This will make you more appreciative of the land you’re walking on.
  4. Say hello to people and smile. The people you meet out bush are the best, so say hello.

Our Favourite Litchfield Spot

I am not going to swamp you with a million places to go.

I am going to tell you my favourite place.

The Cascades (Upper & Lower)

It’s an ancient lava river, that has dried up and now water cascades over it.

This place is spectacular.

The Lower Cascades are an easier walk than the Upper Cascades. I highly recommend you walk to the Upper areas and enjoy a dip.

Upper Cascades at Litchfield National Park

Tips when Visiting Litchfield National Park

These are some random tips for when visiting Litchfield National Park.

  1. Wear bathers. This makes it a lot easier to get quickly into the water without having to undress.
  2. Keep your fitness up, before you attempt a large hike. Honestly don’t underestimate these tracks, as a young fit person I found these walks challenging in the heat.
  3. Bring your friends, this place is best enjoyed with the company of people you care about!
  4. Make your life comfortable, some of our favourite travel accessories are – our car hat holder and LED car mirror.

If you want the full experience of Litchfield National Park, you should watch our video!