Budget 12V Fridge Setup

Budget 12V Fridge Setup

Now let’s not mess around.

Having a car with a 12V fridge in it, is the best thing on the planet.

No more buying ice. No more eskies. No more messing about.

You can literally have cold food or drinks at your disposal 24/7.

In this guide, I want to help you plan, understand and build your own 12V system. Let’s get straight into our budget 12V fridge setup, which cost me $585.

Component Price Breakdown

So this is a very simple 12V fridge setup, it’s designed to be user friendly and completely off grid. So you can charge your batteries from a solar panel or your car’s alternator.

I want to help you build an off grid 12V system for your car.

Why so Cheap?

Unfortunately all the big 4WD and travel influencers all seem to have the best new gear, but a lot of us small folks can’t afford that.

So I wanted to show off a 4WD 12V system, that doesn’t cost a million dollars and won’t make you remortgage your home.

How to get Started with a 12V fridge system?

Honestly there is no right or wrong way to build your 12V system in your car. But I am going to show you how I built mine.

Step 1. Planning Phase

This is probably the most important phase of the build, and it’s all about logistics.

You need to plan out:

  • How big will your fridge be?
  • Do you need a 2nd battery?
  • Will you have drawers?
  • Will you need a solar charger?

These are all big questions you need to think about and plan out.

Step 2. Acquire the Parts

This is probably the most fun.

Jump on Ebay, Amazon, Marketplace, Dirt Roads… whereever you buy your 4WD and automotive accessories.

Start ordering everything you will need to make your 12V project a reality.

My simple 12V fridge setup.

Step 3. Start Installing (Hint Youtube is your Friend)

I am by no means an auto sparky, so I probably shouldn’t be writing this…

But start installing the bits and pieces you purchased. Honestly Google and Youtube are your best friends. Consult them regularly.

Get out bush and start living!

You know what’s funny, you don’t need a 12V system in your car. It’s essentially a “nice to have” accessory.

But now you have one, get out there and suck the guts out of life and start exploring Australia with your 12V fridge in tow!