How to Install Folding Antenna Mount

How to Install Folding Antenna Mount

It’s a really simple installation to hookup this folding antenna mount. But sometimes it can be a bit fiddly when mounting things to bullbars.

Depending on whether you have pre-existing antenna already installed, then things change a little because you have to remove it first to mount the bracket.

I am going to pretend like everyone has no antenna installed, so that this tutorial is as simple as possible to understand.

Tools Needed:

There really isn’t a whole lot required for this installation.

  • 17mm spanner
  • 19mm spanner
  • Powerdrill (depending whether you have a pre-existing mounting hole)
  • Cable ties

Steps to Install Antenna Mount:

  1. Decide where you want to install the folding antenna mount. This area must have room for it to articulate. Most people either mount to their bullbar or roof rack.
  2. Start by running the UHF wire through the mount and bolting the antenna to the bracket. It’s easiest if you open up the antenna mount a few notches.
    At the end of this step, you should have the folding antenna bracket mounted to your UHF antenna.
  3. You can now bolt the antenna mount into your desired location. Make sure to use the supplied washers to ensure that it remains firmly mounted.
  4. Make sure to connect your UHF antenna wire to your UHF, and test that your system is still working.

If you still need help I highly recommend watching this video.

Tips for Installing a Folding Antenna Mount

Here are some of the tips I wish I had heard before I tried to install this product.

  1. Make sure your folding antenna mount has enough room to articulate with your antenna mounted. This will determine where you can place the mounting bracket.
  2. Run your UHF cabling first so you know that the cable will reach the antenna.
  3. Be patient, it looks like a simple job, but it can actually be quite fiddly.

Reasons you need a Folding Antenna Mount

Now you might look at these folding antenna mounts and say “gosh they’re silly”, but you’d be wrong. I’ll be the first the man to say sometimes too much length, can be a problem.

There some actual reasons you might need to install a tilting aerial mount.

  1. To reduce the height of your UHF antenna. If you’re battling to drive your 4WD into underground car parks, then adding a folding antenna mount can be an easy way to start fitting.
  2. Drive through car washes, the lazy man’s version car wash, they can be a killer of UHF aerials. To stop this, fold your antenna all the way down and tuck it close to your car.
  3. Well lets be real, tilting your UHF antenna back is proven to increase the horsepower of your car by up to 10%. But all jokes aside, when your antenna is folded back, is does look quite good.

But it all honesty, you don’t need to justify anything on your car or 4WD. It’s your bloody property, if it’s not hurting anyone else – then you’re good to go!

Tilting aerial mount for UHF antenna


If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-install antenna mount, then you’ll want to check out the UHF Folding Antenna. This mount is a great choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their antenna without spending a fortune.

Thanks for reading this tutorial guys, if you want to check out the folding antenna mounts we sell at Dirt Roads please head to our product page.