Folding Antenna Mount Bracket


Folding Antenna Mount Bracket

  • Universal fit, designed to mount on all bullbars
  • Fits all types of antennas, aerials from UHF, VHF and other types
  • Built from corrosion resistant 3mm stainless steel
  • Quick and simple to install
  • 6 levels of articulation for your antenna
  • $5 Shipping anywhere in Australia
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Installation Method

Installing Folding Antenna Mount

It's a really simple installation to hookup this folding antenna mount. Depending on whether you have pre-existing antenna already installed, then things change a little because you have to remove it first to mount the bracket.

Steps to Install:

  1. Decide where you want to install the folding antenna mount. This area must have room for it to articulate.
  2. Start by running the UHF wire through the mount and bolting the antenna to the bracket. It's easiest if you open up the antenna mount a few notches.
  3. You can now bolt the antenna mount into your desired location. Make sure to use the supplied washers to ensure that it remains firmly mounted.

Tools Required:

  1. 17mm spanner
  2. 19mm spanner
  3. Power-drill depending on mounting options

Shipping & Returns


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Where can the folding antenna bracket mount?

This folding antenna mount is designed to mount to any sturdy bracket, with a hole through it. Most commonly we see it on bullbars, but people often mount them to their roof rack systems and sometimes at the rear of their car.

How to service and look after your folding antenna mount?

The best way to look after the mount, is to ensure it stays clean. Salt and dirt are the killer of most 4WD and travel products, and this bracket is no exception. We recommend cleaning it with water after the product has been covered in mud, sand or salt water. Feel free to use other lubricants or penetrants as well to clean it, if the product is extremely dirty.

Will this survive the Aussie outback?

Yes, without a doubt. All our products are built and tested inside our own 4WDs. However like anything, looking after a product will ensure it lasts longer.

Why should I install this folding UHF antenna mount?

To summarise it quickly here are the benefits:

  • Aesthetics
  • Reduce height of your UHF antenna
  • Adds 10HP to your car


Product Details

Made from quality black stainless steel, this folding antenna mount has been designed to survive the harsh outback conditions.

With a compact build quality, this mount fits perfectly on bullbars or roof-racks without standing out.

With 6 different angle positions, the folding mount allows your antenna to sit at the perfect angle.

Compatible with all types of antennas and aerials including UHF, VHF and other varieties.

Vehicle Compatibility

This tilting antenna mount is designed to fit onto any car. The only requirement is your mounting surface has a hole, which the mount can bolt into.

We highly recommend you bolt our folding antenna mount to your bullbar! However it also fits on all roof racks.

Product Specifications

  • Length: 5 cm
  • Height: 6 cm
  • Depth: 6cm
  • Weight: 850 grams
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Folding Antenna Mount Overview & Review

If you want to watch an in-depth review of this antenna, feel free to watch the video below. We recorded this video to give you the best understanding of the product, so you know how to use it and what you can expect to get in the mail.

Universal Fit

Our folding antenna mount is designed and built to fit on all cars and accept all types of antennas (UHF, VHF & others). This makes it quick and easy to install, because you know it will work on your car.

We recommend making sure you leave enough room around your folding antenna mount to ensure it articulates the full amount.

Built to Survive Australia

The most important thing with any 4WD or car accessory is, that they are built tough to survive Australia’s harshest conditions.

Made from powder coated stainless steel, our folding antenna mount is actually a surprisingly heavy piece of equipment despite it’s small size.

You can trust that our folding antenna mount will survive the toughest conditions. All our products are tested thoroughly and used by Aussie 4WDers.

We use all our equipment ourselves, as we travel around Australia and explore the outback.

Quick To Install

This is one of the easiest accessories to install on your car. We believe it’s a beginner level installation, so we recommend everyone has a crack at installing it.

We have a full instructions with a video on how to install the mount onto your car.

Essentially if you can use a spanner you should be able to install our folding antenna mount!

Infographic about Folding Antenna Mount Bracket

Sleek Mount Design

Whenever we modify our car, we want to make sure it looks great. This antenna mount will seamlessly blend into your car with the sleek black design and rounded edges.

We want to make your car look better not worse.

The option to fold your UHF antenna down and angle it will make your car look gorgeous! Our antenna folding angle adaptor is the perfect fit for your car.

Strong & Simple Build

The strongest products in the world are the simplest design, because there is less to go wrong!

We kept this in mind when designing and building our antenna folding angle adaptor.

Tested in Australia’s Outback

We love getting out bush and exploring Australia, and that’s where we tested our folding UHF antenna mount.

We vigorously test all our products out bush, on corrugated roads and in muddy pits – so you can rely on them when you’re out exploring.

$5 Shipping Anywhere in Australia

We offer $5 shipping anywhere in Australia.

All products are dispatched within 1 business day, so your order will get to you as fast as possible!

We want you to get your folding antenna mount faster, rather than slower.

Post Purchase Support

The best thing about shopping with a local Aussie brand is, you get local support.

Please feel to contact us, using our online form.

We will endeavour to respond as fast as possible! We might be out 4WDing or exploring, so please give us 24 – 48 hours.

About Dirt Roads

Dirt Roads was started by Luke Mead, an avid 4WDer and outdoors man. Luke struggled to find certain products, which he wanted to use on his 4WD, so eventually turned to manufacturing his own.

As an Australian owned and operated business, Dirt Roads prides itself on offering exceptional products and providing genuine human support.

Rating & Review

Based on 13 Reviews
  1. Luke Mead
    Perfect product for mounting my UHF aerial
    Product is excellently priced, with fast shipping
  2. Alieu C
    Perfect Folding Antenna Mount
    Very happy with this antenna mount, it folds really nicely and feels strong
  3. Alec R
    Looks Great
    Thanks Luke, the antenna mount is looking nice mounted to my bulbar
  4. Caitlin
    Good build quality
    Very happy with this products price and build quality.
  5. Greg
    Excellent build quality
    Happy with the product
  6. Morgan
    Good product and shipping
    Overall happy with it
  7. George
    Looks great on my Prado
    Super happy with how this mounts onto my 150 Prado
  8. Rosemary
    Works on my Triton
    Looks good
  9. Pheobe E
    Looks good on my Hilux Bullbar
    Easy to install
  10. Jesse
    Very happy with it
    Mounts nicely on my Hilux bullbar
  11. Kate
    It looks great on my 79 Series
    Very happy with the shipping speed and product
  12. Michael
    Both my antenna are now mounted
    Good fit, great price
  13. Corey
    Mounted to my hoop bulbar
    Good product with fast shipping

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